• Not only did Jenna help guide me through the intuitive eating process but she helped me deal with almost decades of disordered eating and thoughts. Jenna also opened my eyes to mindfulness and meditation. These techniques, although infinitely helpful in cultivating mindful eating and a positive body image, extend far beyond these processes and instead have become fundamental aspects for the way I seek to view and live my life.

  • I found working with Jenna to be incredibly freeing, she creates a very safe, but yet challenging, place from which to tackle these very fundamental issues most of us, fat or not, deal with daily. If you’re ready to make real, meaningful and permanent changes in your life, this is the place to start.

  • Thanks to working with Jenna, gaining her insights and benefitting from the resources she provided, I’m okay with not striving for perfection. This has not only helped me on my journey toward intuitive eating, but also in many areas of my life.